Swimming in the Pink Lake of Port Gregory

The glistening Pink Lake is the Instagram-worthy spot of the West Coast. The Halobacteria in the water produces a compound called b-carotene, which is used in food coloring - that’s what gives it the unique bubblegum color.


Beware, the water is extremely salty - which means that any and all cuts or scrapes will make themselves known! Bring fresh water and antibacterial if you need to clean things up afterwards.

The entire bottom of the lake is covered in crystallized salt. If you plan on walking out into the water, make sure to wear some thick-bottomed shoes to avoid getting cut up. 


If you wade out into the water, try reaching down to pluck out a nugget of salt! Or walk along the edge and marvel at the psychedelic patterns of the salt along the shore.


It’s definitely worth the quick stop to appreciate the magical water of the Pink Lake!