Got travel Q’s?

I just landed in Paris but my hostel booking doesn’t start until tomorrow - I need somewhere to stay tonight!

How do I get from Vang Viang, Laos to Phong Nha, Vietnam?

I just missed my train - when’s the next one to Budapest?

Temple Bar just closed and the only pizza shop that’s open is a mile away.

Don’t worry. We’ve put together our our travel essentials to help with any crisis. Consider this your cheat sheet.



This is our go-to search engine for finding hostels around the world! You can filter your results by price, room type, rating, and even proximity to downtown! Check out the hostel reviews made by recent guests to get an idea of what the place is really like!


Airbnb is a great option for a more private getaway. You can find any type of home, from open-air jungle camps to 8-room mansions on the Californian coast. All for a reasonable price too - well, maybe not the mansions.


A great place to search for a nearby hotel, ranging from luxury boutiques to the room cheapest in town. The listings are usually the best prices you can find online. is your best friend when all the hostels are fully booked and you need somewhere to crash.


Another great hotel search engine. compiles listings from all over the internet to compare prices!




If you only use one app for the rest of your life, let it be Google Maps.

61KevuswqEL.png is great for offline maps. Download areas ahead of time to access them whenever you need - no wifi needed!


This is the ultimate travel app. Put in your start and end destinations, and voila! Now you have all the different ways to get from A to B - including time tables, cost estimations, transfer points, and booking links. Planes, trains, boats, bikes, trikes and more!


Consider this the king of all flight apps. Not only can you find the best deals for your target date, but you can also compare prices across an entire month, or even throughout the year. Better yet, Skyscanner gives you suggestions for affordable getaways with their Explore feature!


Uber is the quintessential rideshare app for your phone. When you put in your destination, it estimates your ETA and the price of the ride, then connects you to nearby drivers for pickup. It’s usually not the cheapest option, but it’s affordable when you split it with other riders - which you can do in the app! Check the app when you arrive in a new country, it’s not always available in your area!


Grab is the ‘Uber’ of Southeast Asia. Don’t be surprised if a guy on a scooter picks you up. But don’t worry, they have extra helmets.


BlaBlaCar is a rideshare website geared towards longer drives. Any driver can post their intended route on the website, and if you want to go to the same place at that time, you can reserve a seat in their car.


Want your own car? Europcar offers car rentals at an affordable price - yes, even if you’re under 25.. depending on the country. You can even drop it off at a different location. Hello, roadtrip!


Trainline is the best app for getting around Europe on rails. Select your destination and it’ll show you the times and prices to get you there. Book directly and it’ll even save your scannable tickets on the app.


GoEuro is your European best friend. Put in any two destinations in Europe, and it’ll spit out all the ways to get there - flights, trains, or buses.




Splitwise is the best way to avoid awkward conversations about splitting bills when traveling with others. Keep track of who paid for what in the app, and level it off at the end of your trip. You can even count in different currencies!


Venmo is the quick, cash-less way to settle your debts. Link it to your bank account and when someone gives you $ in Venmo, either transfer it back home or leave it in the app for your own debt settlements.


PayPal is a more official version of Venmo. PayPal connects directly to your PayPal account. ‘Friends and Family’ transfers are free!


Do yourself a huge favor, and download a currency converter to the front page of your phone. You’ll use it all the time.


Avoid facing surprises at the ATM. A personal banking app is essential for keep an eye on your remaining funds.


Charles Schwab offers the ultimate bank account for long-term travelers. Trips to the ATM will be a breeze with withdrawal fee reimbursement, baseline currency conversion, and unlimited cash pulls abroad.


Chase Sapphire Preferred is the world’s go-to travel credit card for good reason! Put all your purchases on this bad boy and soon you’ll be taking another trip with your well-earned points!




Looking for no-fuss plan for your phone? T-Mobile offers a plan that gives you unlimited texting and data (up to 2G) in 210+ destinations.


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