Kickin it on Koh Phi Phi


Young Leo’s secret has been blown. Made famous by thriller cult movie The Beach, the Phi Phi Islands in the Andaman Sea host thousands of beach-goers every year - no sketchy map necessary. 

Koh Phi Phi Don is the main island. A pedestrian-only matrix of brick pathways weave around the central part of the island, with most restaurants, hostels, tattoo shops, and souvenir shacks concentrated all in one place. If you’re not here to party, try to get away from this part of the island - head east towards the resort villas along Long Beach for a quieter escape. 

That being said, Koh Phi Phi is notorious for its party scene. Party party party. But if you’re looking for other things to tell your mom about, it also has unbeatable diving, brilliant blue beaches, and a lively international atmosphere. 

BE WARNED: Koh Phi Phi is notorious for people getting sick. I fell victim to the shockingly common bacterial infection that lots of visitors contract from eating on Koh Phi Phi. All food has to be shipped to KPP, and in the hot climate that is Southern Thailand, the food doesn’t always stay frozen for the entirety of the shipping line. Which means that some food might make you sick. We recommend staying away from meat, but even as a vegetarian, I ended up in the World Clinic. They took care of me extremely well. My room even had Netflix.



Getting to Koh Phi Phi

Phuket has a pretty big international airport, so if you’re coming from far away, start there.


Koh Phi Phi is part of at network of ferry stops, including Phuket, Koh Lanta, and Krabi. There are multiple trips per day, so you’ll have a couple of options to fit your schedule.

Partying on Koh Phi Phi

So many party hostels. Just head to the beach on the north side of the island, and take your pick. Some offer packages with boat cruises. You don’t necessarily have to be staying with them, but you get special drink options if you do. Ibiza House Pool Party, Slinky Hostel, Stones Bar Dorms, Phi Phi Bucket Hostel, and both Blanco locations.


We stayed at one of the Blanco’s. There’s one on the beach and one just a hundred yards off the beach. If you’re planning on staying up all night, beachfront Blanco is your spot. We stayed off the beach, opting for longer “quiet" hours.

Boat Cruise

A.K.A. booze cruises. There are multiple options, all offering basically the same thing: half day cruise around the Phi Phi Islands, kayaks, snorkels, a beautiful sunset, and booze. Some of them are all you can drink, some of them you’ll have to pay for each drink. The price difference will only be helpful if you’re not going to drink at all, or you’re ACTUALLY only going to have one drink. Otherwise, open bar is worth it. Blanco does a great rate for the package that everyone offers. They’re also the only ones that were allowed to continue their tours for a while when Koh Phi Phi cracked down on all the monkey business.


Speaking of which, your first stop out of the port will be monkey beach! Have fun, but respect the monkeys. You might not believe it, but they’re stronger than you. If you piss them off, they will lunge at you. They will also steal your food if you bring any. If you get close enough, they might climb up your leg, or arm, or up onto your head and shoulders. Get that monkey selfie.


After the monkey beach, you get to crack some beers and get the party started. Blanco plays some great tunes and the group is young and fun. Make some friends and play some flip cup. The Blanco boat has a bunch of kayaks and snorkels and SUPs for you to play with. They make a stop at Pileh Lagoon in the afternoon for you to fool around with the toys and do backflips off the top deck.


When you get to Maya Bay, Blanco party hosts will take you ashore to explore the white sandy beaches that Leo once walked in the year 2000. You’ll head towards the back of the island, learn all about “Blowjob Beach,” and climb around the wild island made famous by the movie. You’ll even get to replicate the jump photo from the movie with your new best friends!


Blanco has a simple but filling buffet to fulfill your drunk munchies. After a beautiful sunset on the water, they’ll bring you back to the main docks and set you free. Have a shower and eat some more food, but make sure to head back to the Blanco on the beach for an afterparty! 

Long Tail Cruise

For the less boisterous bunch, you can still see all of Phi Phi’s best beaches without the boozy backpackers. Go to the main port in the morning (7-8ish) when the waters will be less crowded. Find yourself a friendly captain, asking price 180 baht for 3-4 people for 3 hours.


He’ll know where to take you: Monkey Beach, Maya Bay, Loh Samah, Pileh Lagoon, and Viking Cave. It’s a great way to see all the hotspots at your own pace and with fewer people. 


It’s a National Park, so you can’t technically fly your drone (we waited to fly it once we were back at Phi Phi Don). Also, if you step foot on the beach at Maya Bay, you’ll have to pay a park entrance fee. But snorkeling in the water is free! Bring a floaty and a speaker, maybe some food and drinks too! 


One of the best activities on Koh Phi Phi is renting a couple of kayaks off the main beach and heading out into the bay to explore the island's stunning coast. Prices can range from $3-$6 per hour (single vs double kayak) to $20 for the whole day. You can rent them on Tonsai Beach or from Loh Dalam Bay.


Depending on how ambitious you are, you can use them to explore some of the more popular areas, like Monkey Beach, or just to get off the crowded beach and into the crystal clear waters around the bay. Bring a speaker, some water, SUNBLOCK, and find an empty buoy in the middle of the bay to tie up your kayaks and go for a dip. It's a fantastic way to explore Koh Phi Phi and work off some of those questionable decisions you made last night.


Long Beach

Long walk to the Beach is more like it... if you go towards the main docks, and make a left along the beach (eastwards), just follow it all the way until the walkway ends. You’ll start to follow a path with cute villas along the way. There are small handwritten signs pointing you in the right direction. Once you eventually get to Long Beach, you’ll realize why it has that name.


Pick any spot on the beach and just kick back for the afternoon. Pencil your name in a time slot for a coconut oil massage if you’re keen. Grab an ice cream or a fruity shake from one of the beachfront stands. If the walk is too far for your unavoidably dehydrated body, hop in a longboat back to town for only $3.

The Viewpoint

Take the long hike up to the Viewpoint for some killer views of the island. Make sure you go down to the second viewing platform for a little more space and fewer people in your shot! The earlier you go, the fewer people you’ll find at the top - and it won’t be as hot as later in the day.



In addition to being one of the best islands to party on in Southeast Asia, Koh Phi Phi is also one of the best places to dive! The crystal blue waters are picture perfect, making for great visibility under the surface. When arriving on Koh Phi Phi, you have to pay an "environmental fee," which covers the costs of maintaining trash-free beaches and underwater ecosystems. Plus, the vibrant reefs are home to big fish, turtles, and even reef sharks!


There are loads of dive shops to choose from. Anna finished off her PADI open water course with Sea Frogs Diving. She reported back with nothing but good things, praising the instructors for their professionalism, and good food on the boat! Veg-head options available :)

Digs on Koh Phi Phi

  • Banana Bar - mexican rooftop restaurant and bar with amazing sunset views, conveniently around happy hour!

  • Patcharee French Bakery - delicious pastry breakfasts for before a morning longboat tour!

  • Papaya - great local cuisine!

  • Anna’s - another great local option!

Going Out in Queenstown

Our explorations in New Zealand took us up and down mountains, into the ocean, and down some of the most beautiful roads I’ve ever seen. It also took us to a lot of bars. Let’s be real, we’re exploring the world with the young, fun, and single and we’ve been living it up. Drinks are reasonably priced throughout New Zealand (or free, LADIES) and in general the atmosphere is always fun and accessible. We took full advantage. 

From whiskey slaps in the Coromandel to a beer pong competition in Wellington to bar hopping with two brothers dressed as Luigi in Wanaka, we’ve picked up a story or two. Many won’t be shared here (sorry, I bet you were really curious), but one thing we decided to share is our experience going out in Queenstown. 

Other than Wanaka, Queenstown is the place where we’ve spent the most amount of time in one place. We came here ready to party and that’s exactly what we did. Yes, yes, we hiked and explored and did many fun nature things as well. MJ’s got you covered on those posts. I’m going to take you through the messier side of the story. 

We spent our time in Queenstown at a hostel called Base Queenstown. Base and Nomads are hostels that operate under the same umbrella and you can find them all over New Zealand and Australia. They’re typically one of if not the cheapest option, tend to have awesome locations, and always have a bar underneath or next door. 

We stayed at Base in Auckland, Wanaka, and Queenstown. Auckland we didn’t love, but we had a blast at both Wanaka and Queenstown. 

These are hostels I’d recommend for people who are looking for somewhere easy to base (haha) themselves out of when they know they’re looking to meet people and party. The bar is loud and you can definitely hear every word until 3 a.m. on the first floor, but the easy solution is to go join in. If you’re looking to relax and enjoy the more natural side of Queenstown, this isn’t your place.

Without further wait, here is the list of all of the bars we went to while we were in Queenstown and what we thought of them:

Loco: this bar is right underneath Base Queenstown. It’s themed every night of the week and if you’re staying at Base you can get a free drink voucher for each night. They have live music in the evenings and switch it up to greatest hits style music later in the evenings. We typically started or ended our nights here, it tended to get kind of crowded in the middle. They seem to pull some bigger names music-wise too, so if you’re in town see who’s playing.

Rhinos: this smaller bar was one of MJ’s favorites (duh) because it’s a ski bar. All the TVs feature slope victories and fails and the walls are covered with decals from some of the greatest places too shred around the world. Drinks were reasonable and music was great. It wasn’t really crowded when we went so we left on the early side, but our two friends who were with us and went on another night said it could really pick up. A bit of this is always luck of the draw.

Cowboys: We really digged this place. It’s western themed (obviously) and may have one of the few, if not the only, mechanical bull in New Zealand. It was out of order when we went so, no, we did not get the chance to make America proud of something again. The bar is huge and each time we went it was packed. They have FREE table top shuffle board and FREE pool. Needless to say we were there for a while. Music is oldies but goodies. 

Bungalow: This was probably the most club-esque place we checked out. It’s open until 4 a.m. and features darker decor and a more deep housey playlist. It’s a fun place, but felt a little out of place in Queenstown, at least for us. 

Barmuda: This bar was definitely playing to a more upscale crowd than what we were looking for. The bar is beautiful, backlit and packed with every kind of liquor you could want, and they have an outdoor area as well as a lounge-type section. We didn’t stay long here because it was a little more low key than we were at the time, but it would be a nice place for a “let’s go get a drink” date or to start off the night.

Surreal: This three story bar is really cool. They play different music on each floor, the first two each have their own bar, and the upstairs is a rooftop, which I’ve sorely been missing since my Miami days area over (for now). Once the upstairs closes the downstairs gets pretty packed and it gets almost rave-like. This was the scene of my first margarita since leaving home and while I definitely got a weird look from the bartender it was a great drink.

1864: Similar to Barmuda, this is somewhere I’d definitely say is more date night/drinks after work than “the first three bars were great but now I’m ready to really turn up the night,” but maybe that was just the time of day/day of the week I went. They have a beautiful outdoor area that’s lit with string lights and the drink menu is great. 

Disclaimer: we obviously didn’t make it to every bar in Queenstown, we were rocking with a limited time frame and we did the best we could. 

Tip: if you’re looking to party in Queenstown, stay at Base or Nomads and then ask one of the lovely humans that works there for recommendations. They served us well.