Exploring Fremantle, Australia

The “Brooklyn” of Perth.

Fremantle is a charming community on the coastal southwest of Perth, only a 30-minute train ride from the CBD station.

Fremantle Market

Immediately upon arrival, our hosts at Bambu Backpackers made it incredibly clear that Fremantle Market was a not-to-be-missed attraction of Perth. As most travelers would agree, markets are a great way to browse local culture. 


Every stretch of the warehouse is crowded with stalls, each one bursting with delightful distractions. Between the handmade leather bags and the obscurely colorful crafts, the Fremantle Market will make anyone feel like a kid again.


Upon stepping into the sunlight-flooded food court, the bustling excitement alone will make you want to buy a treat. The smells of pan-frying and slow simmering will surely tempt you into one of the stalls. Before you know it, you’ll be enjoying your hot food and absorbing the lively atmosphere under an upside-down field of dried flowers.



Marine Parade Park

If you walk to the edge of Fremantle, you’ll empty out of the quaint neighborhood streets into a big open park. Along the edges of the well-loved community space, grand towering pines hide the bright red, bedazzled ferris wheel. It’s the perfect place to soak up the sun, pick up a game of football, or even take a swing at the skate park. 


You don’t even have to take a ride on the ferris wheel to appreciate it’s beauty. It’s unassuming location behind the pines grants it an air of humbleness, but when the afternoon sun blazes behind it, its presence shines throughout the park. 



Little Creatures Brewery

Just across the train tracks from the sunny park, right on the water's edge sits the Little Creatures Brewery. The giant industrial brewery features a glowing pizza oven (an obvious attraction for us), only overshadowed by colossal fermentation tanks lining the warehouse.


Little Creature’s “Bright Ale” can be found on tap at most bars around Australia, but an afternoon on their outdoor terrace can’t be beat. It’s the perfect spot to enjoy a casual lunch by the water, or even just an afternoon cold one.



City Streets

The streets of Fremantle could be pulled straight out of a book. The pastel storefronts and godly white columns are reminiscent of childhood stories, and the slow-paced aura of the town will make you feel like you’re living in one.

Be sure to make a stop in one of the magical bookstores to really solidify that feeling of wandering through a fairytale.